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Through energy, stubbornness and patience, the Danube river broke stone walls, separating the Carpathians from the Balkans. After entering Romania at Baziaş, the Danube describes one of the most fascinating routes along the 2860 km from its springs to the spot where it meets the Black Sea. I am talking about the Danube Gorge, which measures 125 km, out of which 45 km show the famous “Boilers” ( Regiunea Cazanelor) – portion of the Danube Gorge between Dubova and Ogradena, consisting of “the Big Boilers” (Cazanele Mari) (4 km long) and “the Small Boilers” (Cazanele mici)(5 km), where the Danube is forced to pass between the mountains, narrowing its widths to only 180-250 m. The area is declared a Natural Monument in Europe (here can be found “the wild tulip”, “Apus Melba” – the cliff swallow and many others).

MELBA B&B can be found in this mesmerizing area, limited by the two “Boilers”, on the bank of the Dubova Bay.

In the “Boilers’ area”, at the entrance into the Mraconia river’s bay, the impressive face of the emperor Decebal is sculptured into the rock of a mountain peak. Nearby, on the bank of the Danube River, is being rebuilt Mraconia (“the Monastery from under waters”). Here you can also find the inscription carved into the mountain rocks known as “Tabula Traiana” which stands to remind us of the Emperor Traian’s suspended road on the Dacian territory (40km). 

The access to Melba B&B is either by boat from Orsova or by car following a few possible routes:

E771 ~ from Drobeta Turnu Severin to Orsova,  then DN57 to Moldova Noua, Melba is situated at the entrance in Dubova village;

~ From Resita to Oravita and , then, following DN 57  through Naidăş to Moldova Noua towards Orsova;

~ From Timisoara, Caransebes – Orsova – Moldova Noua.

In the area there are many forest roads, more or less modernized to the delight of every tourist – either OFFROAD mountainbikers , or amateur cyclists who are likely to have an unforgettable holiday. Moreover, the entire area constitues the ideal place for fishermen, not only amateurs who can fish right off the dock, but also professional fishermen and hunters in  formal organized hunting parties  (boar, deer, etc..).

For those who opt for hiking, the area offers several tourist attractions such as:
1. “Chindia Hole Cave II” which is also an archaeological reserve, where there were found traces of Paleolithic rock art.
2. “Veterans’ Cave” (Pestera Veteranilor) who has been used as sanctuary for the God Zamolxis during the Dacians’ time.
3. “Outlaws’ Cave” (Pestera Haiducilor) where they found traces of Mesolithic culture.
4. “Trikule Fortress” that was built in the 15th century to stop the Ottoman expansion westwards; its ruins can be seen near the town Sviniţa.
5. “Ladislau Fortress” located just outside the city Pescari on a 100 m high pisk; it is highly deteriorated in comparison to “Golubac Fortress” which still reigns over the imposing unflappable and relentless old river from the Serbian bank.
6. “The Large Boilers” (Cazanele Mari) and ” the Small Boilers” (Cazanele Mici) can be visited by foot for breathtaking views and photos.
7.  The face of the Dacian Emperor Decebal, carved into the rocks at impressive sizes.
8. Many monasteries such as Vodita, Sfanta Ana, MraconiaSfintii Arhangheli Church located in the city of Berzeasca, beeing reputedly the oldest church from the Romanian Danube Gorges, baroque architectural monument built in 1836.

Finally, Melba B&B offers rest and relaxation on its lovely beach right on the bank of the old river, near the Infinity Pool with clear water. Accommodation is in 10 double rooms (8 double rooms and 2 twin rooms), tastefully furnished and equipped with telephone, cable television, MP3 radio, minibar, bathroom with massage showers and jacuzzi.

Traditional Romanian and regional cuisine are prepared in our own kitchen and served at your choice, either inside in our welcoming spacious restaurant or outside on the terrace where you can enjoy the danube breeze from the pontoon docks, rafts and turrets.


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  1. Bill Shaw says:

    I think the area is also ideal for Motorcyclists.
    Please feel free to add yourself to my site (for free, but you will need to link to me)

    Also – I am heading to Oravita the night of the 19th May from Serbia. I will be late (Hungry and in need of a few bottles of Ursus) – and will be riding this route the following day

    Is it feasible to get there after dark, and easy from the serbian direction?

  2. Stöffel says:

    Do you have a room 14.04. -17.04 (3 nights) for 2 adults and 2 children (age 10, 12)

    Please send me an offer

    Thank you

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